How can I create an opt-in to gather client leads?


You can collect email addreses for an email list using an opt-in form on your website. You would use an outside autoresponder service to create and manage the mailing list, but it's easy to add a button or link to your LCH website to gather the email addresses linked to this service.

We don’t offer the autoresponder system itself because there are so many that specialize specifically in this. There are very good systems out there that focus in email marketing such as AWeber or MailChimp, which are also very reasonably priced (MailChimp also has a free plan). We specialize in coaching software, and we would not be the experts in advanced autoresponder software. However, these systems can be integrated easily with your website on LCH.

However, it's easy to set it up so potential clients are put on a mailing list when visiting your website. If you sign up with one of these services, they will have buttons you can add to the HTML content of your pages when setting up your website so people can sign up for your newsletter. Each service will be slightly different, but in general, you can add a link to your site to for instance “Sign up for our newsletter" and they will be redirected to the opt-in page for your email program. You can also edit your welcome page to add their widget to sign up right there. These options and more will be available to you with all the major email marketers. They have very good systems in place and put attention and effort into making sure your emails are delivered instead of sent to spam, and give you full tracking abilities to hone your marketing efforts.

After adding the button or link your your LCH website, you would use their services to create, manage and send your newsletters.


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