How do courses on Life Coach Hub work?


It's easy to expand your repertoire and offer Group Coaching, Content Delivery courses or coach training. Courses allow you to coach more people at one time. They also let you automate your coaching, freeing up loads of time!

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Add a course to your catalog.
  2. Create the content for your course and schedule your course sessions. If this is group coaching, you might want to offer group coaching calls. If it's a self contained course, you can create HTML rich material for your course called E-Modules that will be delivered to your course members in modules. You can include videos and audio as well as images and text.
  3. Invite clients to join your course. Others will find it using in the Shop based on the description you wrote when creating your course, so make it sound as enticing as possible. When clients buy your course, you'll be notified. Each new course member will receive your welcome material and agreement. You can tailor these for each course, or use your default welcome package.
  4. When the course starts, clients will access the course content from their dashboard. E-modules and coaching call access details will be delivered based on the course schedule.
  5. You can assign any other course tools in any of your courses, to create an interactive and dynamic experience for your clients.

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