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Houston is a city named after a rebel who founded a republic. Sam Houston was certainly a man of action. To add more meaning to your life, you'll have to take action too. Great things can happen after you give your life direction.

Life coaching is an exciting way for you to reach your potential. With guidance you can start living an authentic life.

Houston… We Have a Problem

When you aren't true to yourself, days slip by without reward. This is why you feel stuck or don't know what to do.

You can overcome barriers to success, both internal and external. And coaching can help you do it more quickly than by yourself.

When you work with a life coach, you can:

  • Indentify your core values.
  • Gain work-life balance.
  • Shut down the negative voice in your head.
  • Move on from failures or grief.
  • Find a career that has meaning for you.
  • Get stronger relationships
  • Stop sabotaging yourself.
  • Stop procrastinating.
  • Break free from unhealthy habits.

Your independent Texas spirit might urge you to go it alone. But taking charge of your life doesn't mean refusing help. Take inspiration from the space flights. People went to the moon with support from Mission Control.

Life Coaches in Houston

As you search for a life coach in Houston, look for one that fits your goals. Some coaches serve a broad range of clients. Others focus on niche areas like work-life balance, career advancement or wellness.

Living in such a busy center of commerce and shipping, it's easy to feel mentally scattered. A life coach teaches you how to focus on goals. The clarity you achieve is empowering. Stress is reduced as you take control.



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  • Coach Kelby Dishman United States $25 - $500 USD Contact me

    Kelby Dishman

    Free Call!
    Johnny Dang / Paul Wall SM MNGR

    I manage the social media/publicity for Johnny Dang and rap artist Paul Wall.

  • Coach Michael James Francis United States $250 - $3000 USD Contact me

    Michael James Francis

    Free Call!
    Certified Professional Life Coach

    Life Coaching as a Self-Mastery practice. The path to real personal Power "Know Thy Self"

  • Coach Paul Strobl United States $5000 - $7500 USD Contact me

    Paul Strobl

    Free Call!
    MBA, CPC

    Personal Coach for Business Owners. Cut the dead weight. Gain outside perspective. Act with clarity.

  • Coach Zachary Anderson United States $250 - $375 USD Contact me

    Zachary Anderson

    Free Call!
    Certified Coach (ACC), CPC

    I coach free spirited overachievers to re-remember WHO and WHY they are for sustainable results.

  • Coach Caitlin Cecil United States $125 - $6000 USD Contact me

    Caitlin Cecil

    Free Call!
    Nesta certified Wellness Coach

    I am here to make sure you have the tools to focus on your goals and achieve a happy balance in life

  • Coach TyAngela D Hunter United States $159 - $1526 USD Contact me

    TyAngela D Hunter

    Free Call!
    NLP, CBT, Life Coach, Hypnosis

    I offer many holistic techniques such as yoga, meditation, hypnosis, NLP programming, CBT therapy

  • Coach Blake Ryan Hawkins United States $250 - $600 USD Contact me

    Blake Ryan Hawkins

    Free Call!
    High Performance Expert

    Empowerment, Drive, Growth, Excellence These are the fundamental building blocks of success!

  • Coach Rashanda Banks, MSN, RN-BC, PMHN United States $1 - $300 USD Contact me

    Rashanda Banks, MSN, RN-BC, PMHN

    Free Call!
    MSN, RN, Certified Life Coach

    A dedicated life coach specializing in empowerment & caregiver burnout

  • Coach Jasmine Clark United States $95 - $705 USD Contact me

    Jasmine Clark

    Free Call!
    C.P.C(Certified Professional Coach)

    I am a Certified Professional Coach,Speaker & Entrepreneur who has turned her pain into her purpose!

  • Coach Michael J Francis United States $200 - $3500 USD Contact me

    Michael J Francis

    Free Call!
    Certified Professional Life Coach

    Life Coaching as a Self-Mastery practice. The path to real personal Power "Know Thy Self"

  • Coach Joan Mullinax United States $100 - $135 USD Contact me

    Joan Mullinax

    Free Call!
    MEd, LPC

    Career and life coach specializing in career change and advancement, relationships and transition

  • Coach Patricia Owens United States from $100 USD Contact me

    Patricia Owens

    Free Call!
    MA, LPC

    Career and life transition (job loss, divorce, medical diagnosis) coach

  • Coach Cheri Alguire United States $100 - $2000 USD Contact me

    Cheri Alguire

    Free Call!
    Coach Training Alliance (ICF, IAC)

    I coach Small Business Owners, Real Estate & Mortgage Pros to transform their lives and careers.

  • Coach Ahmed Glover United States $65 - $115 USD Contact me

    Ahmed Glover

    Free Call!
    Certified life coach

    Crushing goals and shifting mindsets

  • Coach Taylor Franks United States $50 - $75 USD Contact me

    Taylor Franks

    Free Call!
    BS Psychology,

    As a behavioral life coach I work with clients to asses and reach their goals efficiently.

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Five great reasons to hire a Houston life coach
Define a vision for your life. Everything gets easier when you have a clear picture of what you want. A life coach asks you questions that help you discover your passions. With a clear vision, you avoid making compromises that serve you poorly.
Learn how to let go of the past. It's easy to get stuck thinking about the reasons you have not made progress. With life coaching, you'll gain the powerful skill of focusing on the future. This shifts your frame of mind away from the negative.
Find out how to practice the art of mindfulness. This means you'll pay closer attention to your feelings, thoughts and actions. Every time you check in, you'll ask “Is this serving my purpose?” The skill of mindfulness stops you from making the mistakes over and over.
A life coach supports you during change. Many things trigger indecision and anxiety, like graduation, empty nest, job loss, divorce and more. Coaching helps you get your feet back under you. You'll work hard at creating the best version of you.
Failing to plan is known as planning to fail. Your life deserves some dedicated attention. A life coach makes you be honest with yourself. Then you can know what you really want and go for it. Then you can feel fulfilled, confident and excited for tomorrow.
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