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Achieving inner peace might seem like a tall order in the city that never sleeps. But you can gain skills that give you control and serenity.

A life coach can help you live mindfully and follow your purpose every day. Coaching empowers you to create a future of meaning and contentment.

You make this happen by being honest with yourself and making good choices. A life coach guides you through these crucial steps.

Calm Amid Chaos

Imagine if Central Park was inside you. And you could stroll through the open space whenever you needed a mental break. Coaching helps you create this inner refuge.

A life coach teaches you how to connect with your most authentic self. Then you'll organize your life according to your needs and dreams.

It can be hard to focus on yourself in the country's most populous city. But to be happy and confident, you need to do just that.

Life Coaches in New York

Many professional coaches help clients in New York City. Whatever your goals, there is a life coach that will be a perfect fit for you.

With coaching you can overcome challenges like:

  • Stress management
  • Work-life balance
  • Career changes
  • Unhealthy lifestyle

Coaching doesn't only have to be about fixing problems. Your personal growth goals can be reached with a life coach too. It's a dependable way to take yourself to new levels.

Pursue dreams like:

  • Creative projects
  • Spiritual exploration
  • Finding love

Coaching is such a successful approach because it shows you how to find answers. Only you know what will really make you happy. The life coach draws this out of you. Then you get support as you move forward.



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  • Coach Sharlene Randall United States $100 - $600 USD Contact me

    Sharlene Randall

    Free Call!

    I am a Life Coach for five years. I specialize in making people reach and exceed their goals.

  • Coach Melissa G. United States $80 - $100 USD Contact me

    Melissa G.

    Free Call!
    Certified Hypnosis and NLP

    Support with relationships, life motivation, anxiety and self love. I guide warmly & professionally

  • Coach Teany Hidalgo United States $100 - $600 USD Contact me

    Teany Hidalgo

    Free Call!
    Empowerment, Life Balance Expert

    An empowerment coach that helps integrate mind, body and spirit, to bring passionate energy back.

  • Coach Devin Martin United States $500 - $2900 USD Contact me

    Devin Martin

    Free Call!
    Executive Coach.

    My core belief is that the fate of humanity rests largely in the hands of business leaders.

  • Coach Lewis services And Co. United States $150 - $1000 USD Contact me

    Lewis services And Co.

    Free Call!
    General topic instructor/life coach

    Remove yourself from you.I will show you the way!!!

  • Coach Shayna Lee United States $800 - $1200 USD Contact me

    Shayna Lee

    Free Call!
    Life/Career Planning Strategist

    A Coach and Strategist focused on inspiring people to manifest professional and/or personal changes

  • Coach Lorene Cowan United States $150 - $500 USD Contact me

    Lorene Cowan

    Free Call!
    Certified Life Coach

    Life Coaching by LC a Lifestyle Management Company embraces the concept of lifestyle improvement.

  • Coach josh lissauer United States $90 - $150 USD Contact me

    josh lissauer

    Free Call!
    Certified Health Coach

    I am a certified health and wellness coach,concentrating on emotional eating disorders,nutrition.

  • Coach Ayisha Amatullah United States $97 - $4597 USD Contact me

    Ayisha Amatullah

    Free Call!
    Business Coach to Coaches & Trainer

    Business Coach for Coaches and Coach Trainer with a Silver Bullet System for your coaching business.

  • Coach Maria D Vazquez United States $63 - $75 USD Contact me

    Maria D Vazquez

    Free Call!
    MS Ed, CSC, CC

    I am a life coach that will work to help you achieve your goals, one step at a time.

  • Coach Daniel Doucette United States from $650 USD Contact me

    Daniel Doucette

    Free Call!

    Seasoned Leader & Mentor, Straight Talker, Troublemaker, ENFJ, New England-Practical

  • Coach Darryl Bumpass Sr United States $100 - $300 USD Contact me

    Darryl Bumpass Sr

    Free Call!
    Certified Professional Life Coach

    The goal of Mr. Darryl Bumpass, Sr. is to inspire people to find the right answers

  • Coach Arthur Felder United States $1200 - $10000 USD Contact me

    Arthur Felder

    Free Call!
    Performance and Mindset Expert

    “When asked who I am at my core, I can only think of one thing- I am contribution”.

  • Coach Sheria Stallings United States $50 - $100 USD Contact me

    Sheria Stallings

    Free Call!
    ACS, ALS, Int'l Speaker, Nat'l Ldr

    To date Sheria has trained over 500 professionals & small business owners. Let her partner with you.

  • Coach Ena Shed United States $29 - $340 USD Contact me

    Ena Shed

    Free Call!
    Lifestyle Fitness Coach

    Health and Fitness, Mind-Set and Behavior Shifting, Goal Setting Spiritual Guidance, & more

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Five great reasons to hire a NYC life coach
You don't have to wait for the sparkling ball to drop on New Year's Eve to make changes. A life coach will help you make and keep resolutions that boost your happiness.

Get the gift of positive thinking. New Yorkers aren't shy with their opinions. But you need to nurture yourself with good thoughts. Don't let the voice in your head tear you down. A life coach frees you from negativity so you can achieve more.
Take on new challenges. If there is something you desire like greater fitness or a career change, a life coach can help. Together you'll put together a plan to reach new goals. And the best part is the coach keeps you true to yourself. Coaching keeps you from quitting.
Get past that feeling of being stuck. You've been busy for so many years that you're in a rut. You feel like you do everything for everybody except yourself. Meet with a life coach and start putting the focus on you for a change.
Get the clarity you need to create your best future. A life coach will help you sort out your ideas and set priorities. This feedback saves you time so you can quickly advance your dreams.
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