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Los Angeles has long been a place where people reinvent themselves. And life coaching fits right into this culture.

Working with a life coach gives you a fresh perspective. The personal growth and happiness you seek are possible through self belief and conscious effort.

Put a Star on Your Own Walk of Fame

A life coach teaches you how to be confident and true to yourself. You'll overcome limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Positive thinking is very powerful because it keeps your focus on solutions. You won't dwell on past failures. With coaching you learn to dust yourself off and go after new goals.

A life coach shows you how to nurture your talents. And the positive mindset you develop attracts more opportunities. You'll see yourself as a celebrity in your own mind. You'll think of yourself as someone worthy of praise.

The life coach helps you change your mental script. Coaching shifts that negative voice in your head into a supportive one. Once your self belief is set free, you start reaching your goals.

Life Coaches in Los Angeles

Life coaches are versatile pros who can help you succeed in many arenas.

You can benefit from coaching for issues like:

  • Stress management
  • Career advancement
  • Relationship improvement
  • Work-life balance
  • Creative expression
  • Getting organized
  • Overcoming unhealthy lifestyle habits
  • Business improvement
  • Planning for graduation, parenthood, retirement, etc.

Whatever your needs, life coaching speeds the process of planning your life. It's important to set goals that fit your values so you can feel fulfilled and happy.

The coach helps you be honest with yourself. After you set clear goals, you and the coach plan for action. This is when you start living the way you want. And if you get discouraged, the life coach keeps you moving forward.



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  • Coach Andy Wudrich United States $250 - $1000 USD Contact me

    Andy Wudrich

    Free Call!
    B.Ed., Peak Performance Coaching

    Straight forward no B.S. coaching. I turn people into SUPER people.

  • Coach Larice Peoples United States $125 - $250 USD Contact me

    Larice Peoples

    Free Call!
    Life Coach

    Let's Use Positive Motivation To Create Winning Habits For Life

  • Coach Alice Carpenter United States $65 - $125 USD Contact me

    Alice Carpenter

    Free Call!

    30 years experience of coaching.

  • Coach Shelley Sommerfeldt United States $100 - $150 USD Contact me

    Shelley Sommerfeldt

    Free Call!
    Psychologist & Relationship Coach

    Coaching with Dr. Shelley for healthier relationships, personal growth & a happier life.

  • Coach Valerie Baber United States $50 - $500 USD Contact me

    Valerie Baber

    Free Call!
    MA, Certified Love Coach

    Published, Certified Love Coach with 10+ years experience. Professional yet non-clinical.

  • Coach Erika Briones United States $100 - $1500 USD Contact me

    Erika Briones

    Free Call!
    B.A. in Education from SDSU

    Coaching with the elements of fitness, spirituality, and the elephant in the room being sex/intimacy

  • Coach Mark Alexander United States $20 - $1000 USD Contact me

    Mark Alexander

    Free Call!
    MBA, School of Life

    Motivation, Success, Happiness... bring it on!

  • Coach Joshua Wright United States $1500 - $4900 USD Contact me

    Joshua Wright

    Free Call!
    MBA/JD/Certified Professional Coach

    Helping high-achieving professionals who want to be stronger mentally and physically

  • Coach Dr. See Love United States $75 - $4000 USD Contact me

    Dr. See Love

    Free Call!
    BA, MA

    16 yrs motivational speaking in Education, 17 yrs Spiritual Psychology, 23 yrs Social Services.

  • Coach Niecy Foxx United States $70 - $700 USD Contact me

    Niecy Foxx

    Free Call!
    Millennial Life Coach

    Understand others and be of service to them.  

  • Coach Sarah Jean Anderson United States $195 - $1170 USD Contact me

    Sarah Jean Anderson

    Free Call!
    Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

    Sarah alleviates the effects of burnout, making positive impacts on energy, mood, and productivity.

  • Coach Melissa Perez United States $40 - $100 USD Contact me

    Melissa Perez

    Free Call!
    Mental health and Wellness expert

    Collaborative, strengths-based coach specializing in relationships, wellness, and goal mastery.

  • Coach Noah Scott United States $75 - $150 USD Contact me

    Noah Scott

    Free Call!

    I’m your coach to help you ignite your confidence in life, love, and productivity.

  • Coach Tarla Makaeff United States $333 - $6000 USD Contact me

    Tarla Makaeff

    Free Call!
    Certified Self-Love Coach

    I help you return to self-love and happiness through forgiveness.

  • Coach Mark Darren Gregor United States   Contact me

    Mark Darren Gregor

    Free Call!
    CTI, ICF, Masters, NYU, Landmark

    Mark is an acclaimed Career & Executive Coach, distinguished scholar and dynamic speaker.

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Five great reasons to hire a Los Angeles life coach
Don't sink into the La Brea tar pits and become a fossil. You might feel like your life is stuck. But a life coach shows you new possibilities.
Find the right focus for your life. It's easy to be impatient and call something a failure before you really give it a chance. Life coaching stops you from bouncing around between ideas. With assisted self discovery you'll make stronger choices. This gives you clarity so you know what you want to do.
Keep yourself from falling into the workaholic trap. Los Angeles has a high cost of living, but greater success comes from taking care of your whole self. A life coach teaches you how to balance career and personal needs. The control you gain soothes your spirit. It helps you do better work and have healthier relationships.
You are capable of great things. A life coach shows you how to connect with your confidence. You have to give yourself a chance in your heart before others will.
Tap into Pacific-blue inner peace. A life coach helps you build a life around your desires. Contentment comes when you live each day doing things meaningful to you.
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