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You know you want to make changes. But maybe you're too busy to even think of where to begin.

Getting help from a life coach jumpstarts your personal growth. It puts an appointment on the calendar. And during your very first consultation the life coach will help you gain clarity.

The transformation you long for can happen faster with life coaching. Instead of wondering what could've been, you can start planning what comes next.

Life Coaches in Minneapolis

Your city is home to many high achievers. You know the importance of setting goals and planning. But as responsibilities pile up, your needs move farther down the to-do list.

A life coach can make your life fulfilling again. Your happiness depends on staying true to yourself. Consulting with a life coach gives you a fresh perspective. And the coach will support you as you make changes that benefit your spirit.

The Spring Thaw

As someone who lives in a wintry place, you know well the joy of the spring thaw. The land warms. Activity shoots up everywhere.

A life coach can break up the ice in your routine. Instead of waiting for something to happen, you'll make things happen.

Coaching warms up your enthusiasm for life. You'll figure out what needs to be done so you can renew yourself. And support from the coach gives you new energy.

A life coach will help you:

  • Overcome self doubt
  • Make yourself a priority
  • Plan for change
  • Adopt a healthier lifestyle
  • Find the right career
  • Improve relationships

There's really no limit to what a life coach can help you do. If you can imagine it, the life coach will help you create a plan for doing it.

By working with a life coach you create accountability. The coach is there to check in with you and remind you not to slide back into old habits.


Minneapolis LIFE COACHES

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  • Coach Carrie Cotch United States $100 - $150 USD Contact me

    Carrie Cotch

    Free Call!

    Do you want to: Be the best version of yourself? Reach your goals? Feel less stressed? Feel happier?

  • Coach Brian Kail United States $75 - $500 USD Contact me

    Brian Kail

    Free Call!

    Certified Professional Coach, and a Certified Career Coach. I work in Assessment, Planing, & Action

  • Coach Samantha Kelley, M.A. United States   Contact me

    Samantha Kelley, M.A.

    Free Call!
    Health | Life | Soul Purpose Coach

    I help burned-out and in-transition women discover their passions, desires, and unique soul purpose.

  • Coach Gary B Cohen United States $1250 - $1500 USD Contact me

    Gary B Cohen

    Free Call!
    Coaching CEOs and Executives

    Coaching High Performers & CEOs | Co-Founder of a NASDAQ Co | 13 Biz Awards |Int’l Speaker & Author

  • Coach Dr. Jo L United States $100 - $200 USD Contact me

    Dr. Jo L

    Free Call!
    PsyD, RYT-500, YACEP

    Certified Life, Wellness, Spiritual Coach & Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Mindfulness Teacher

  • Coach Barry Chaffee United States $85 - $95 USD Contact me

    Barry Chaffee

    Free Call!
    B.A., MDiv., CLC, Cht,

    I help identify unconscious blocks, negative self-talk. Empower & Enhance focus!

  • Coach Michelle Stimpson United States $2495 - $8995 USD Contact me

    Michelle Stimpson

    Free Call!
    Life + Executive Coach for Women

    LifeShine®: a leader in women’s personal & professional development since 2003.

  • Coach Freda Marver United States $2000 - $12000 USD Contact me

    Freda Marver

    Free Call!
    MBA, CPCC Career, Life, & Executive

    My approach is creative, strategic, respectful and pragmatic.

  • Coach Jeannie Herman United States $150 - $250 USD Contact me

    Jeannie Herman

    Free Call!
    MS, LPC, NCC, Reiki III, Energy/EFT

    Restore your body's energetic integrity and receive supportive guidance

  • Coach Minneapolis Life Coach United States $100 - $150 USD Contact me

    Minneapolis Life Coach

    Free Call!

    Melissa Lewis, a Wellness Coach since 2011, has conducted over 5,000 coaching sessions.

  • Coach Shawna Beckers United States $100 - $5000 USD Contact me

    Shawna Beckers

    Free Call!
    Recovery Coach

    I'm an experienced recovery coach that helps from experience. I have a passion for helping.

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Five great reasons to hire a Minneapolis life coach
Sometimes to believe in yourself you have to hear someone else say it. A life coach gets you past your limiting beliefs.

Life coaching is an effective way to develop yourself. You're a practical Midwesterner after all. It makes sense to get some objective feedback and a fresh perspective. Life coaching makes you see opportunities instead of barriers.
A fulfilling life comes from thoughtful choices. You can't change the past, but you have options for the future. A life coach helps you choose your best direction. The act of taking charge will ignite your self belief. This is very empowering if you've never been in control before.
You can become more confident. A life coach is trained to help you discover your inner strength.
Life coaching helps you create the best version of you. Even successful people desire self improvement. There's always more to discover about yourself. A joyful life comes from meeting new challenges. And a life coach connects you with your true passion that makes anything possible.
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