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  • Coach Rafael Candas United States   Contact me

    Rafael Candas

    Free Call!

    I work with clients to build a foundation for a fulfilled life through effective transitions.

  • Marisabel Park

    Free Call!

  • Coach Dionna Rojas United States $60 - $120 USD Contact me

    Dionna Rojas

    Free Call!
    Family and Life Coach

  • Coach Stacy Braiuca United States $97 - $29997 USD Contact me

    Stacy Braiuca

    Free Call!

    ? Technology Therapist™ and ? Squirrel Wrangler

  • Coach Alice Hemingway United Kingdom $45 - $75 USD Contact me

    Alice Hemingway

    Free Call!

  • Coach M Owen United States   Contact me

    M Owen

    Free Call!

    I am certified addiction counselor turned coach. I can help you to transform your life!

  • Coach Hannah Winstanley United Kingdom   Contact me

    Hannah Winstanley

    Free Call!

  • Coach Sue Shutt United States $50 - $1000 USD Contact me

    Sue Shutt

    Free Call!

    Spiritual and Mindfulness Coach with a wide variety of life experience and certifications.

  • Coach Kirsten Hunneyball South Africa $675 - $1000 USD Contact me

    Kirsten Hunneyball

    Free Call!
    Peer Recovery Specialist Coach

    Eating Disorder, Addiction and Mental Well-Being Coach

  • Coach Arif Boysan United States   Contact me

    Arif Boysan

    Free Call!

    Business coaching group in Florida helping businesses of all sizes and industries for over 20 years.

  • Coach Alberic M Prados Aponte Puerto Rico   Contact me

    Alberic M Prados Aponte

    Free Call!

  • Coach Rruchita B Moohatha India   Contact me

    Rruchita B Moohatha

    Free Call!
    NLP Master Practitioner

    Mindset Coach

  • Coach LaTasha Jones United States   Contact me

    LaTasha Jones

    Free Call!
    Masters in Social Work & Life Coach

    Helping heart centered women overcome People Pleasing, heal and live an abundant life.

  • Coach Taymi Ceruto Cordovés Germany   Contact me

    Taymi Ceruto Cordovés

    Free Call!

    Life, Goals, Balance, Emotions

  • Coach Veronica Hanson Japan $200 - $2000 USD Contact me

    Veronica Hanson

    Free Call!

    Learn to use minimalism as a tool to create the life of your dreams.

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Five great reasons to hire a Life coach

A life coach helps you deal with pressure and stress as you make important changes.
Coaching can make you start asking the right questions. You'll look beyond the self-limiting mindset that has been holding you back.
You can maintain motivation to improve your life. The life coach knows how to encourage you.
With a life coach you'll learn to think about what you can do. This is much more powerful than thinking about what you can't do.
Life coaching is a proven way to create a satisfying life. What you really want is inside you. And the coach will teach you how to listen to your heart.
Learn more in our Beginner's Guide to Life Coaching
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