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  • Coach Jorge Moral United States   Contact me

    Jorge Moral

    Free Call!
    Professional Coach for Coaches

    I help coaches who are stuck in fear, anxiety and are overwhelmed get clarity

  • Coach Wound Care University United States $5 - $7 USD Contact me

    Wound Care University

    Free Call!
    Your Leading Experts in Wound Care

    Wound Care University offers courses for professionals seeking advanced wound care education.

  • Coach Teresha Njie United States $300 - $850 USD Contact me

    Teresha Njie

    Free Call!
    Professional Life Coach

    I help my clients improve in all areas of daily living.

  • Coach Zachary Thomas United States $100 - $145 USD Contact me

    Zachary Thomas

    Free Call!

    Men's Trauma Recovery Coach certified through the International Council of Trauma Recovery Coaches.

  • Coach Wendy wass United States $25 - $100 USD Contact me

    Wendy wass

    Free Call!
    MSW, certified relationship coach,

    I have been a social worker for over 20 years as well as a certified relationship coach . I provide

  • Coach Sound and Soulful United States   Contact me

    Sound and Soulful

    Free Call!

    Sound & Soulful has hundreds of subliminal affirmation tracks. Buy meditation tracks online today!

  • Coach Leonard Ezugwu Nigeria $50000 - $10000000 USD Contact me

    Leonard Ezugwu

    Free Call!
    ICT Services, Family Love builder

    Am nice and simple, smart and gentle, and talent to read minds

  • Coach Toni Bator United States $100 - $1800 USD Contact me

    Toni Bator

    Free Call!
    ICF ACC and MSL

    Neurodiversity Coach - Autism/ADHD - I coach neurodivergent professionals and women leaders.

  • Coach Amanda McRobie United States   Contact me

    Amanda McRobie

    Free Call!

    Your journey to mindfulness, motivation, and authentic living.

  • Coach Quin Cross United States $83 - $111 USD Contact me

    Quin Cross

    Free Call!
    C.L.C, C.S.C.S

    I help young adults achieve their vision of success and wellness

  • Coach María Andrea Arciniegas Colombia $80 - $560 USD Contact me

    María Andrea Arciniegas

    Free Call!
    Psychologist and MSc

    Transform and actualize yourself | Deep Reflections

  • Coach Mona Kirstein United States $125 - $150 USD Contact me

    Mona Kirstein

    Free Call!

    Holistic Transformational Coach For Women Over 30

  • Coach Michelle Brown United States $100 - $1000 USD Contact me

    Michelle Brown

    Free Call!
    CLC, Bachelor in Psychology,

    Positive Psychology and Thought Based approach to Coaching & Counseling

  • Coach Doug Ward United States $100 - $1500 USD Contact me

    Doug Ward

    Free Call!
    Hypnotherapist, Performance Coach

    I help clients unlock peak performance in business,sports, and creative works.

  • Coach Haris Mexas Netherlands €100 - €150 EUR Contact me

    Haris Mexas

    Free Call!
    ACC, MA

    Deep understanding of leadership challenges. Multilingual. Increasing your impact.

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Five great reasons to hire a Life coach

A life coach helps you deal with pressure and stress as you make important changes.
Coaching can make you start asking the right questions. You'll look beyond the self-limiting mindset that has been holding you back.
You can maintain motivation to improve your life. The life coach knows how to encourage you.
With a life coach you'll learn to think about what you can do. This is much more powerful than thinking about what you can't do.
Life coaching is a proven way to create a satisfying life. What you really want is inside you. And the coach will teach you how to listen to your heart.
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